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When it comes to the lives of the ones you love-  You don't compromise.
Your Child's Doctor  *  Your Brake Mechanic  *  The Security to Protect Your Home and Family
 The Real Protection 

Security Providers has chosen the fastest and most reliable 24/7 monitoring.

NO Compromise Monitoring - Every dollar of your monthly protection goes directly for the best Medical, Police, and Fire response available.

Don't Compromise - Discount, no commitment companies will pay a call center a small fraction of your monitoring fee to protect your home and family, and then pocket the rest...

Monitronics is a Five Diamond Certified Central Station.  You can know that every dollar of your monitoring fees is paid directly to Monitronics.  All operators are trained and certified to respond to "life at risk" emergencies.
No Compromise Security Professionals

14 years full-time security experience

Your Community Family- Locally Owned and Managed

Custom Planned System -  What you need is the protection you get
Services we offer:
Free Premium Security Systems-
provided to you with no equipment charges, no installation fees, or activation fees.  You pay for the monitoring services only*.
Alarm Notifications sent directly to your phone, and the ability to arm/disarm your system remotely from your smart phone.  Also, we can provide you with up to two indoor or outdoor cameras, which you can also access remotely from your phone or laptop.  Included with this service is, in the event of an alarm situation, there will be an remote archive of what the cameras capture.
Medical Pendant Panic Buttons, so that, in the event a loved one has a problem or is alone, that help is on the way.

All of the above services can be added to compliment your premium security system, customized and created to meet the individuals needs.  As always, our unique program is designed so that there are no upfront costs to access them.  You just pay for the additional adjustment to your monitoring fee.  That is how we create No Compromise Security for  our clients.
Did you know?
  • A break-in our occurs about once every 14 seconds.
  • The vast majority of  break-ins occur through an entry/exit door to a property.
  • Having a monitored security system not only helps have a greater sense of peace of mind, but you could receive up to 20% discount in your homeowner insurance.​
  • 1 out of 3 homes will have a medical emergency, and that there are approximately 1.5 million heart attacks that occur in the U.S. each year.
As an Authorized Dealer for Monitronics, we have also partnered with to offer you the easiest to use upgrades to your new alarm system so that you may also remotely control your homes lighting, and even be able to adjust your thermostat while you are away, with these home automation services.
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